Top 10 Benefits of Drinking Kulhar Chai

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In a restaurant, cafe, or some small tea stall you can find Tea lovers easily. In monsoons and winters, people can be seen drinking tea very often. Drinking tea in Kulhar makes a mesmerizing experience and enhances the taste of Tea also, the fragrance of Kulhad with the hot and strong tea brings a lovely feeling of drinking tea. In this article, you will be able to know the benefits of drinking Kulhar chai.

The Given Below are Some Benefits:

  1. Biodegradable : -Kulhars are said to be biodegradable. They are made using mud and ultimately find their way back into the soil. In older times people, drink Kulhad Tea as beneficial to nature. Moreover,  Kulhads is 100% eco-friendly and does not affect our health.
  1. Healthy Boil :- Drink tea in Kulhar and then throw it soil. Soil has a rich alkaline content which cools down the acid present in the human body. Thus drinking tea in Kulhad can help in avoiding bacterial infection in the stomach.
  1. Carry Calcium :- The soil and moist clay are used in making kulhars. This soil is rich in calcium and when we sip tea from a kulhar, our bodies get a bit of calcium content and it helps in benefiting our bones to an extent. Drinking tea in Kulhar helps in increasing the calcium level of the body.
  1. Hygienic :- The reusable cups and glasses are washed after every use and these are not always thoroughly cleaned. Whereas kulhar is more hygienic than cups and glasses.
  1. Environmental-Friendly :- Plastic cups are hazardous to nature as they are non-biodegradable. Kulhars are made from moist clay and soil and it is eco-friendly. These do not pollute the environment and decompose well within the soil naturally after throwing away.
  1. Gloom Spirit :- The taste and the essence make the aroma change when we have kulhar chai. The burnt clay of the kulhar adds a stunning flavor to the chai and it feels soothing to drink and gloom our spirit.
  1. Status symbol :- Kulhars, which were used only in the village, are now in demand in the city. Airline company Air India also serves kulhar tea to passengers on flights since 2016.
  1. Alkaline :- Because of the production of acid inside the human body, there are numerous problems associated with sour belching and digestion. At the same time, kulhars have alkaline properties. It additionally reduces the chances of a burning sensation within the stomach after drinking kulhar tea.
  2. Rise in Demand :- Kulhads, which were used simplest inside the village, at the moment are in demand in the metropolis. Even in excessive societies, kulhad is now being used for consuming tea. Even in view of the ‘health advantages’ acquired from drinking tea in kulhad, now their use has started out growing inside the families of towns.
  1. Bacteria Free :- Kulhars are also solid soldiers against bacteria. It is observed that the tea in Kulhars is bacteria-free and edible for at least two more days than any other utensils.

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