Top 10 Rules of Styling Shirts.


Shirts can make up the most amazing type of outfit for you and so everyone loves them and are having the best range of variety of them in their wardrobe! Now, everyone wears a shirt but yet the look that they are having is not satisfactory and up to the mark. What is the reason behind that? What are the essential rules that you should be following while styling shirts in your daily wear outfit? Let’s explore some of the very important rules for styling shirts and these rules can help you in making up the best type of outfit throughout your life with shirts.

Top 10 Rules to Follow

  1. Never wear a crushed one – The most important rule is that you should never be wearing a crushed shirt. Always iron your shirt before wearing it as a crushed shirt can really crush your whole personality and image.
  2. Match it with sneakers and jeans – You should match your shirt with the jeans and sneakers! These both are something that can make up the best type of combination with shirts and so you can wear any basic shirt with them and make up the best outfit.
  3. Never wear sports shoes with pants – Many people are combining shirts with pants and combining that with sports shoes. Now, this is a mistake that you should never be making in your life as the look of shirts is ruined by the sports shoes because they are having the sporty look and the shirts are having an elegant and smart look. These both look can not be compromised with each other at the same time.
  4. Never wear a vibrant colour – You should always be buying a shirt that is having a colour that is not much vibrant as vibrant colors can make really very loud and irritating type of appearance in a crowd and the outfit cannot look very good because of vibrant colour and so you should always be obtained for a darker or lighter colour.
  5. Match contrast lower bottom – Always match your upper shirt with the lower bottom in contrasting colours. Contrast colours are the best type of colour combination in the outfits as they can make the outfit more appealing and so you should always be wearing a contrast colour in your bottom with respect to your shirt.
  6. Fabric should be cotton – We will recommend that the fabric that you should be choosing is and should be always cotton as it is the most comfortable type of material and is something that will never irritate your skin!
  7. Fabric should be absorbent – If you are taking any other type of fabric instead of cotton. You should always note that the fabric should be absorbent. It should be good in the absorbing capacity as we can get a lot of sweating in the shirts.
  8. Size fits – The most important point that you should always be remembering is that, always wear a shirt that fits you in the best way and not in a tight or loose way! Many people are having myth and stereotypes that a shirt can only look good when it is worn in a tight position or size. It is a bad stereotype and is something that only causes bad posture and an uncomfortable position in your body.
  9. Perfect comfort – You should always be choosing comfort over the look and it is something that you should always be remembering while buying any type of clothing and so when you are buying any type of shirt for you. Always focus on the comfort that it is giving you.
  10. Last longing value – Touch the fabric and feel it and you should always be focusing on the fact that, whether it is something that will be long lasting or not? If you are going to wear your shirt for a longer time. Always invest in something that is expensive but can give you a longer life in fabric and quality. 

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