Dilli Chowpatty’s top 10 best-selling lassi’s

Best food franchise in India

Dilli Chowpatty, one of India’s leading paan franchises. On the one hand, it provides customers with a diverse range of flavoured paan options, while on the other hand, it maximises profits for franchisees. When you are looking for the top franchises in the food and beverage industry in 2022, Delhi Chowpatty is your friend and guide. In India, a food franchise is nothing short of an evergreen business. And, given the current market and Indians’ insatiable appetite for fast food, franchisees have enormous opportunities. We make it simple for you to become a franchisee and own some of India’s best food franchises. These include beverages, snacks, fast food, and other categories that Indians enjoy throughout the year.Banarasi Lassi, founded in 2012 by renowned entrepreneur Mr P.N. Thakur, has served customers from all over the country. A glass of our lassi, made from the highest quality milk and topped with kesar and spices, can make you forget about your worries. Our Banarasi Lassi is a major draw in the holy city of Banaras (Varanasi). Thousands of tourists visit Varanasi every year to worship Maa Ganga. As a result, we at Banarasi Lassi seize this opportunity every year to serve thousands of customers from all over the world. We’ve made a name for ourselves as the makers of the best lassi in Banaras over the years. Our vision is to open Family Paan Cafés throughout India and the international market, serving delicious Mast Banarasi Paan products to our customers. We have a clear goal in mind: to help our franchise partners establish their businesses in the best possible way. We developed a franchise model to provide start-ups with the opportunity to establish their own businesses at a low cost and with a high profit margin. We concentrate on a product line that customers require while meeting their expectations and budget. We make certain that customers can easily get the flavored Paan with the best Paan ingredients at the “Mast Banarasi Paan” café nearest to their residence.

Let’s look at a few of our best selling lassi’s 

1. Butterscotch Lassi : One of the most well-known flavours is butterscotch. Everyone, from children to adults, is smitten by its distinct sweetness. Keeping our customers’ feelings in mind, 

2. Dry Fruit Lassi : Dry Fruit Lassi – as the name suggests is an alluring combo of the delicious dry fruits and our refreshing Lassi. 

3. Malai Lassi : You’ve probably had a Malai Lassi. We’re sure you enjoyed the flavor.

4. Kesar Malai Lassi : Banarasi Lassi’s flagship lassi is the Kesar Malai Lassi. This is more than just an odd drink; it is an emotion for millions of Indians.

5. Mango Lassi : You can look all over India and still not find someone who does not enjoy mangoes. 

6. Rabri Dry Fruit Lassi : At anarasi Lassi, we specialise in combining various Lassis. One such drink is the Rabri Dry Fruit Lassi. 

7. Special Rabri Lassi : Sweet dishes are popular among Indians. Malai is one such sweet dish or ingredient that holds a special place in Indian hearts. 

8. Rose Dry Fruit Lassi : Rose Dry Fruit Lassi is another drink generated by Banarasi Lassi that manages to combine taste with health benefits. 

9. Strawberry Lassi : We’re sure you’d enjoy our Strawberry Lassi. Strawberries are a bright, red, and delicious fruit that many fruit lovers crave. 

10. Sweet Lassi : Are you ready to cool down with a cool, sweet, and soothing Lassi to combat the heat? 

   To explore more, do take the courtesy to visit our official website and shop according to your preference in taste, with a lot of categories to choose from. 

Website : www.dillichowpatty.com


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