Street foods are ready to eat food or drink generally sold in streets, public areas like a market,in fair by a hawker, vendor with a portable stall. Indian streets are well famous for its cheap and tasty food items; Every Indian city has its own specialty of all time favorite snack.


Delhi, The capital of India is one of the best place to have street foods, Delhi offers variety of road side food and stalls. Chole bhature is a Punjabi dish but very popular in major urban cities of India. Delhi is well famous for best chole bhature,  commonly eaten for breakfast or snacks other famous road side food from Delhi are rajma chawal, prathe and most famous mouth watering snacks item chaat.

Highlights: Only Vegetarian


There’s just something about the bread (Pav) + gravy (Bhaji) combi. Think fried mantou with chilli crab sauce – similar concept, but WAY cheaper and packs a bunch of flavour. Imagine the best curry in the world, enriched with a dollop of butter, onions and lime to freshen up the party. Then you chance upon a buttery pan-fried bun that soaks up all its flavors like an efficient sponge, bringing all the goodness to your mouth intact. This is what miracles are made of.

Highlights: Only Vegetarian


This popular street snack in Rajasthan is also known as Jodhpuri mirchi vada. The joy of bingeing on big-sized green chillies that are slit open and stuffed with spicy potato filling is above all. What makes this Rajasthani street food even more delicious is the crispy deep fried coating, which is done after dipping the mirchis in besan batter. Pair it with some coriander chutney and you’re done for the day.

Highlights: Only Vegetarian


If you always thought that this simple roadside feast was a gift of Delhi to rest of the country then this might be a bolt for you. Aaloo tikki is a delicacy of city of nawabs ’Lucknow’. Owing to its popularity every city has now made its own versions of this exotic cuisine. In Mumbai this is Ragda Pattice while in Delhi it is often confused with aaloo chat. Well famed for its wide range of non-vegetarian cuisines, Lucknow, offers a delight to the veggie lovers in the form of these small puffed mashed potatoes ‘Aaloo Tikki’ well served with spicy green peas curry and sweet – sour chutneys.

Highlights: Only Vegetarian


There is no second opinion about why momos are one of the best Indian street food. A migratory food, however, momos is native to Tibet and Nepal. A spicy roadside cuisine, this is one food item that has escalated from roadside stalls to food centers and food courts in all hot-shot Malls. Tangy spicy red sauce and steaming hot dumplings loaded with veggies or chicken is something that we just cannot resist while walking past the stall on road.

Highlights: Vegetarian/ Non-Vegetarian


Chennai, The most favorite south Indian dish, common as breakfast item and served with combination of chutney and sambar. Sambhar which tastes so good with idlis and vadas is made with tamarind and pigeon peas. Idlis and vadas sambhar are the best food in the streets of Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

Highlights: Only Vegetarian


Forget what your mum said about not playing with food. I swear this has got to be the most fun Indian street food. You’re first given a small deep-fried hollow ball of puffed bread with a small hole at the top – “puri”. This is then filled with chickpeas and spiced mash potato. The last step is to dunk the stuffed puris into the “pani” – a spiced water mixture with tangy tamarind chutney. The trick is to place the whole thing in your mouth so that the “pani” does not spill all over the place.

Highlights: Only Vegetarian


A city that is synonymous to dhoklas, fafdas,jalebis,khaman etc, Ahmedabad gets high on street food. If you are in Ahmedabad and you haven’t had kitli ki chai at 5 am in the morning,you might be missing out on something splendid. While early morning breakfast scenes in this city is mostly about traditional Gujarati food (dhokla, fafda, jalebi, khaman etc), you would surely not regret having a king-size Gujarati thali for lunch.When the sun sets down, the city turns lively and you too,can visit Khau Gali or Manek Chowk-the two famous places in Ahmedabad that are open till late night serving pav-bhaji, dosas, sandwiches, traditional pizzas, noodles etc.

Highlights: Only Vegetarian


If you haven’t yet tasted this legendary street food, then you’re certainly missing out on a lot. Moong dal ladoo, or Ram ladoo, is a perfect snack to satisfy your street food cravings. This lovely combination of fried moong dal ladoos with spicy coriander chutney is immensely appetising. What makes it even better is the garnishing of grated mooli (radish), which compliments it like anything.

Highlights: Only Vegetarian


If you happen to be a real street food lover, then you just cannot miss on this ultimate street food speciality – matar kulcha. Delhi has some amazing street-side carts that serve this tantalising treat. The combination of cooked white chana or white matar with toasted kulchas is sure to make you crave for more. It has a variety of flavours in it and tastes the best when garnished with ginger juliennes and tomato slices. Matar kulcha is a popular street food that hails from Delhi; just explore some places around as this street food is available at almost all nook and corners of the city.

Highlights: Only Vegetarian


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