Top 10 Most Haunted Places In India


In ghostlore, a haunted place, haunted house or ghosthouse is a house or other building often perceived as being inhabited by disembodied spirits of the deceased who may have been former residents or were familiar with the property.

Bhangarh Fort, Rajasthan

 The Indian Ghost Town of Bhangarh, Rajasthan is one of the scariest places in India to visit, in addition to being one of the most abandoned places in India. However, this tag has not perturbed visitors from making frequent trips to this ghost town. The Bhangarh Fort is a 17th-century fort built in the Rajasthan state of India. It was built by Bhagwant Das for his younger son Madho Singh I. The fort and its precincts are well preserved.  According to one of the tales about Bhangarh, a tantrik priest fell in love with the princess Ratnavati, who was described as ‘the jewel of Rajasthan’. The priest planned to cast a spell on her so she would fall for him as well. However, when the princess came to know of this plan, the priest was killed. Before dying, he cursed the town. Now, it lays in ruin and is inhabitable for anyone. It is believed that the roofs of the temples and houses fall down the moment they are built. Those who have dared to stay in the fort overnight have reported hearing footsteps and the screeching of a woman.

Dumas Beach, Surat, Gujarat

Dumas Beach is an urban beach along the Arabian Sea, located 21 kilometres southwest of the City of Surat in the Indian state of Gujarat. It is a popular tourist destination in South Gujarat. Dumas Beach is also famous for being in the top 35 haunted spots in India. This black-sand beach in Gujarat was once an important Hindu cremation ground, and it is this history that gives it an eerie edge. The cheery morning atmosphere fades with the setting sun, and by night local people avoid Dumas Beach as much as possible. From spooky shrieks to whispers, people have reportedly heard haunting sounds coming from Dumas, said to be the spirits of tormented souls. Some attribute the black sand to the ashes of burned corpses and, on top of all that, nearby dogs are said to bark throughout the night, sensing a paranormal presence. Everything about the Dumas beach makes it the last place you would want to be at night.

 Dow Hill, West Bengal

According to locals, terrifying ghosts reside in the small hill station of Dow Hill, the surrounding forest, and the nearby Victoria Boys School. A number of accidents and murders have taken place here in the forest, and the ghosts of various children have been sighted. The most common is one of a headless boy, who roams around in the forest and follows people. Constant shrieks, laughter and footsteps can be heard in the school, even during vacations and weekends when nobody is around.

Agrasen ki Baoli, Hailey Road – New Delhi

Agrasen ki Baoli, designated a protected monument by the Archaeological Survey of India under the Ancient Monuments and Archaeological Sites and Remains Act of 1958, is a 60-meter long and 15-meter wide historical step well on Hailey Road, near Connaught Place, Jantar Mantar in New Delhi, India. it is very popular for its antiquated architecture, but unfortunately has no records of who built it and when. According to the sources, people who have visited this Agrasen ki Baoli claim.

Ramoji Film City, Andhra Pradesh

One of the largest film complexes in India, Ramoji Film studio is also said to be home to various spirits that roam around the grounds and the hotels in the area. Built on a battlefield, Ramoji is supposedly surrounded by the spirits of the dead soldiers that are still active on the field. Odd marks on the mirrors, props and crew members falling to the ground in unexplained circumstances and phantom food being scattered around are just some of the common occurrences reported in the studio.

Writer’s Building, Kokata

The Writers’ Building, often shortened to just Writers’, is the secretariat building of the State Government of West Bengal in India. It is located in West Bengal’s capital city of Kolkata. The 150-meter long Writers’ Building covers the entire northern stretch of a water body locally called Lal Dighi in the B.B.D. Many believe that the spirit of Captain Simpson of British East India Company, who was killed by revolutionaries, still lives in the building. There have been stories of people hearing voices and sound of footsteps at night.

Shaniwarwada Fort, Pune

Shaniwarwada also known as Shanwarwada is a historical fortification in the city of Pune in Maharashtra, India. Built in 1732, it was the seat of the Peshwas of the Maratha Empire until 1818, when the Peshwas lost control to the British East India Company after the Third Anglo-Maratha War. Huge forts at night are scary anyway, but Shaniwar Wada is something else entirely. Screams for help from a young boy are said to be heard by night. According to legend, a prince and heir to the Peshwa throne and was brutally murdered in Shaniwar Wada. Today, painful screams of “kaka mala vacha” (uncle, save me) echo through the fort after dark, especially during a full moon.

Brij Raj Bhavan In Kota

Brij Raj Bhawan Palace, which is about 183 years old, is located on the right banks of river Chambal, near the city of Kota in Rajasthan, India. The palace was built in 1830 A.D. as a British Residency, which in 1900 A.D., later became the State guesthouse of Kota. Many VVIP’s including Viceroys, Kings and Queens and Prime Ministers have resided here. In 1903, Lord Curzon visited the palace, and in 1911, Queen Mary of England stayed here on her visit. In 1971, the palace was visited by Prime Minister Mrs. Indira Gandh.  It is claimed to be home to the harmless ghost of Major Burton who was killed by the Indian sepoys during the Mutiny of 1857. This ghost in India is rumored to walk the corridors of the palace and occasionally slap the guards who sleep on their duties.

 Vas Villa In Bangalore

If one is to believe the stories, this house was built in 1943 by a certain E J Vaz who was a reputable lawyer in Bombay High Court. He gifted the house to his two daughters who remained unmarried all their lives and lived in this house. Until 2002, everything was OK and it was just another house; but after that, this residence of two elderly ladies turned into a weed-infested derelict mansion; and gained a notorious reputation for being one of the most haunted houses; not only just in Bangalore but all over India. One day, Doice was stabbed to death in her home. She was buried there and Vera moved out. The house is claimed to be haunted by Doice’s spirit now. Teams looking for paranormal activities have confirmed the presence of some negative energy in the villa.

Kuldhara In Rajasthan

Known to be a deserted ghost village, Kuldhara is located near Jaisalmer and has been abandoned since the 19th century. It was established in 1291 by Paliwal Brahmins, known for their business acumen and agricultural knowledge. One night in 1825, all the people of Kuldhara and 83 nearby villages vanished all of a sudden.

The mystery of the vanishing villagers is quite intriguing. Though a story talks of Salim Singh, then minister of state, who fell in love with the beautiful daughter of the village chieftain. He threatened the villagers of huge taxes, should they fail to get him married to her. The chief of the village, along with those of the nearby 83 villages, decided to abandon their villages. It is also said that the villagers, before leaving, cursed the village that no one could ever inhabit the land.


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